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Columbia Wireless Inc is now a wholesale Internet provider with competitive rates as we have multiple large service contracts with the biggest Internet Sources in the Western U.S and Canada. With this network we can provide backbone Internet services to other ISP’s, Data centers, and Corporate Networks.

With our wholesale Internet connection you get:

  1. Speeds are dedicated, and contracts can rage from 100Mbps – 10Gbps connections
  2. Access to our large professional carrier grade caching servers (We store locally all Netflix, YouTube, Software Updates etc…)
  3. Access to the lowest latency Internet traffic through multiple routes to the Internet (example: 25ms to Google)
  4. Carrier grade SLA

We can provide connectivity to most Cities/Towns in all Central and Western Canada. We are also already connected to the CBBC fiber network in the Kootenays which means we can provide connectivity to any CBBC fiber POP throughout the Columbia Basin.

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