How do I sign up for automatic direct withdrawal from my Checking account?

Please print off this form and sign, date and attach a VOID check to it. Then either scan it and email to or snail mail it to:

Columbia Wireless Inc
Box 269
Nelson, BC
V1L 5P9

Your monthly payment fee will come out of your checking account automatically on the 1st of the month.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique identifying code similar to a serial number that is set to every computer and router in a network. This allows the ability to identify individual computers and routers in a Network.

Why do I need line of sight?

Line of sight is required for Internet connectivity between our tower and our dish on your building. We have red tower lights set up on almost every tower, so if you can see the light you can get our service!

Will weather affect my signal?

No, the signal will not be inhibited by any type of weather.

Is it secure?

Yes, our equipment uses over-air DES encryption. We also have a great spam filter and content filtering firewall running on our servers, but we do recommend using an up to date anti-virus program.

Why can't I receive emails from a specific person?

In some cases you may not get a message from an individual because the message is getting bounced back to them. This is caused by our spam filter misinterpreting a good email as a bad email. If you encounter this situation please contact our mail administrator at Please provide a copy of the bounce back error message that the person is getting when they try to email you.

If the person that is trying to contact you does not have their message bounced back to them, then the mail is getting through successfully. This problem could be originating from your own mail client (eg: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail). If so please refer to “How do I set up my email” section below.

How do I get more email addresses?

If you are an existing Columbia Wireless client who would like an additional email address, please call the office @ 250-505-4041 to set up your FREE email account today!

How do I set up my email?

Please enter the following into your mail client:

Display Name = Full name of user for this email account. Eg: John Boe
Email address = Your full email address Eg: (please note it is “.ca” NOT “.com”)
Username = Your full email address
Password = The password that was assigned to you over the phone from our support staff. (if you do not remember what the password is, please call the office any time 24/7)

Incoming Mail Server =
Incoming Mail Server Port = 995
Incoming Mail Server SSL = ON

Outgoing Mail Server =
Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication = ON (if it asks what type of authentication, use password authentication)
Outgoing Mail Server SSL = ON
Outgoing Mail Server Port = 587

If you are still having difficulty setting up your email client, please call the office for additional support!